Day of Drumming at White Oak Elementary!

We had a great surprise the last week of school! Rhythm Path of Dallas came and brought us their ‘Day of Drumming’ program for 2nd-5th graders.
All students got to play drums, learned African songs, learned about African culture, and even got to ‘conduct’ their drum ensembles! Some students even created shakers and rain sticks from home and brought them to play! We had a wonderful time making great music! See our pics below:






April Fun!!!!

April has been a lot of fun!!! We’ve been learning the Bunny Hop, singing Easter songs, doing rhythm cups, practicing for K Grandparents Day, and even threw in our Intermediate Select Choir concert-American Pop Forever! Here are some pics of all the fun in April!

American Folk Song Fun!

This week, 2nd graders have been singing the old folk song ‘She’ll Be Comin Round the Mountain’. They also created their own verses to the song! Take a look at Mrs. Van Brocklin and Mrs. Richeson’s classes’ creation:

‘She’ll be riding 6 white horses when she comes! (whoa, stop) (3X)
‘We will all go to McDonalds when she comes (yum, yum) (3X)
‘She’ll be coming in clown costumes when she comes (honk, honk) (3x)
‘She’ll be drinking Dr. Pepper when she comes’ (burp, burp) (3x)
‘She’ll be flying in an airplane going home’ (bye, bye) (3x)

***Very creative 2nd grade!! Way to fit the syllables into the rhythm of the song melody!***

Jazz Month for WO Elementary!

We have been studying the history of jazz music! We’ve listened to famous artists of ragtime, dixieland jazz, swing, big band, bebop, cool jazz, and jazz fusion! Take a listen again below to the queen of jazz–Ella Fitzgerald! See if you can hear her ‘scat’ singing. Then try some scatting on your own! Make up some fun sounds and syllables to a favorite song of yours. 🙂