Martin Luther King Jr. 2011 Projects!

This year, our intermediate students all were asked to select a project to celebrate, remember, and act on the wonderful message/actions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Some wrote songs, some wrote poems, some created dances, some created skits, some made posters, and some drew sketches for the project. Our students who selected art have their projects hung around the school but the others were videoed and put into a group movie. We hope you enjoy and are inspired. The students did a great job!

2nd Grade–Working Hard for our Musical!!!

Old Man Winter and Frosty will be in the show!

Old Man Winter and Frosty will be in the show!

2nd graders have been working for many weeks now towards their upcoming holiday musical ‘Old Man Winter’s Icicle Follies’!! We’ve been learning about what makes up a musical, acting skills, singing skills, costuming, lighting, sound on stage, set, props, and many other things!!!! Whew~! It’s a lot of work but very much worth it when the lights go up for showtime! We’ve had teachers and parents helping us with set, props, costumes, and rehearsing and I would like to thank them for all of their time and talents! Thanks to them and our 2nd graders hard work, all 100 + will be shining stars Monday night, Dec. 13th!!!! 🙂

November…turkeys, pilgrims, indians, thankfulness!

These few weeks we have in November will be a fun time in music as we celebrate Thanksgiving through songs, artwork, and creative dramatics. This week, 3rd grade students are adding instruments to ‘Over the River and Through the Wood’. 4th graders are working on ‘Wind in the Corn’–a Native American song that is a folk tale. K and 1st are working on ‘A Turkey Named Bert’ chant and playing bells and rhythm sticks to ‘Over the River and Through the Wood’. Did you know that your grandparents and parents sang ‘Over the River’ in grade school too? Ask them! Maybe you can sing it together! Check out our video links below from Mrs. O’Malley’s class–

O’Malley group 2O’Malley’s Class group 1

5th Grade –Musical Field Trip Tomorrow!!

We are so excited!!! 5th graders will be attending a musical tomorrow at ETBU! ‘Into the Woods’ is a musical by Stephen Sondheim. Stephen Sondheim is an American composer and lyricist. He wrote the lyrics for West Side Story and Gypsy! He wrote the music and lyrics for many other musicals that you have heard of as well! I am very excited about this opportunity for our students! We have done some studying about this musical also: we have discussed what a musical is, what are the various parts of a musical production, the storyline of this particular musical, wrote our own version of this story ‘Into the Woods’, and we even participated in an art project that ETBU will have displayed as we walk into the theatre.

Intermediate Variety Show Tryouts are Next Week!!!

talentshow 096
Just a reminder that variety show try outs are Oct. 12-18 during your music time! Be prepared with your music (if applies), props, etc. when you try out! All acts need to be 3 min. or less to help allow more people into the show! If you are trying out with a group in various classes or grades, work it out with your teachers as to which day and time you can come. I am open to seeing you try out anytime between Oct. 12-18th! It’s going to be great! Remember…VARIETY!!! Singing, dancing, karate forms, basic gymnastics, skits, art projects, poetry reading, joke corner, etc. etc. !!! Get creative!!!!

Choir Posted on Friday for 4th/5th Grade

I am very proud of all of you who auditioned for the choir! What a great experience! There were close to 90 students who ended up auditioning. I will post the choir list at the end of the day THIS Friday in the 4th and 5th grade hallway. Please remember…this is only ONE of the activities we do in the music dept! We will have our talent show, musicals, instrument playing, Christmas Caroling Fun, favorite CD days, dancing, art projects, and drama fun this year too! Everyone is involved in these activities!

Choices With Voices! Fun with Bobby McFerrin!

2nd grade is learning about different ways we can use our voice this week! How many ways can you use your voice? High voice, low voice, spooky voice, soft voice, loud voice, accents, mouth sounds, etc. etc….!!! Here’s a link to watch a master of the voice and body percussion–Bobby McFerrin! He performs with one microphone but can make a song sound like there are many voices and instruments happening in the song! Take a listen:

Choir Auditions are well underway!

I am hearing a lot of great voices this week as we audition for the Intermediate Select Choir! About 40 voices will be selected for this choir and the choir will be listed next Friday, Sept. 17th. I’m proud of everyone for coming in to audition. Remember…if you are selected for choir, that’s great! If you aren’t in choir this year, please know that we will all still be doing all the fun things we do in music such as the Talent Show, Musicals, going on Music Field Trips, Christmas Caroling, drama activities, instrument playing, some art, and dancing!!! 1908164